Daily Discovery-Andre Cactus-Sundrops

I’m listening to today’s find, “Sundrops,” off the upcoming album Dune Juice by American electronic musician Andre Cactus, after driving 3 hours through torrential rains from State College to Pittsburgh. My brain is wiped from a whole weekend of socializing (remember, something I don’t do a whole lot of) and my arms and neck are on fire from a sunburn that I managed to acquire yesterday without actually seeing the sun come out from the clouds even once. This track’s use of pitched-down, distorted vocal samples, detuned synth blips, and overdriven bass notes really vibes with my burnt out, disoriented husk of a self today. These musical elements drift around each other, anchored by a crawling, stuttering hip-hop style beat. There’s a drop of sorts in there somewhere, but instead of hitting like a bomb, Skrillex-style, it washes over you like a panic attack or a pang of nausea. Nothing I’m saying makes this track sound very appealing, but that shouldn’t be the case; it’s an interesting slice of woozy, off-kilter electronic music. Worth a listen even if you aren’t sunburnt and small-talked out.

More from Andre Cactus: https://andrecactus.bandcamp.com/

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