Daily Listen-Black Moth Super Rainbow-Neon Syrup For The Cemetery Sisters

Today’s listen comes from some fellow yinzers (that’s what Pittsburghians call themselves, although I can’t really claim to be a yinzer yet since I’ve only lived here for a year). Black Moth Super Rainbow (or BMSR) are an unabashedly psychedelic experimental group that includes or has included musicians with names such as Tobacco, The Seven Fields of Aphelion, and Father Hummingbird. The song “Neon Syrup For The Cemetery Sisters” off of 2007’s Dandelion Gum (Graveface) really spoke to me when I listened to it in my windowless office this evening after countless eons of data entry at work. Vocalist Tobacco sings all of the lyrics through a vocoder, which makes him sound like a dusty old robot that’s been sitting in some closet for a decade. He sighs, “Your days are now gone/They’re moving too slow,” over acoustic guitar and grainy synthesizer washes; I had the same sentiment in mind after working for 12 hours on arguably the most beautiful day of the year. The song has a woozy, partially-melted quality that mirrored the state of my brain, which had most likely been fried by artificial computer light by the time 7 PM rolled around. Tobacco once again sums up my feelings about adult life when he croaks out, “I miss the summer.” Don’t we all.

Check out more from Black Moth Super Rainbow: https://blackmothsuperrainbow.bandcamp.com/

More from Graveface: https://graveface.bandcamp.com/


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