Daily Discovery-No Suits In Miami-Plain Sight

Today’s find, “Plain Sight,” can be found on I Hope That No One Sees Me (Repulsiv), the newly released debut from Swedish band No Suits In Miami. The song is melancholy, despite a driving backbeat and energetic guitars, mostly due to the wistful quality present in frontwoman Michelle Dzgoeva’s voice, especially when she breaks out the falsetto. The lyrics have the same downcast feel; the refrain goes, “I can never see the bright side/How can you not leave me behind?” Unsurprisingly, I was won over by the thick clouds of reverb that coat the guitars and synths behind Dzgoeva; the opening riff is the sonic equivalent of sunlight glimmering off of water in the late afternoon. Reminds me a ton of the now-defunct New York group Asobi Seksu, but this song would also probably appeal to fans of The War On Drugs, another band that trades in liquid guitar effects. A good listen for anyone who likes hazy songs that are both energetic and sad at the same time, which is definitely not an overly-specific set of criteria. Happy Friday to everyone.

More from No Suits In Miami: https://nosuitsinmiami.bandcamp.com/

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