Daily Discovery-C Keys & Kazi-Zoning

Today’s find is a gripping, autobiographical tale by the California rapper C Keys from his and producer Kazi’s recently released album Keys 2 Kazi (Below System Records). “Zoning” finds C Keys reminiscing on his younger days, starting from when he was “hopeless, eighteen years old and homeless,” unspooling intimate memories with an intricate, haphazard flow. The song is a look back at some of C Keys’s early relationships, but it avoids the potholes of the standard “middle finger to the exes” song due to its level of detail and honesty. C Keys describes sneaking into his first ex-girlfriend’s house in the early morning simply to shower, crying to her on the phone, and being heartbroken when she chose not to move in with him when he finally managed to score his own apartment. He remembers how the following ex-girlfriend drove three hours to argue with him while he was on a trip for work, and also admits that she was probably too good for him at the time. C Keys manages, in under 3 minutes, to make peace with his past and look toward the future with his wife and kids. I can untie my shoelaces in about 3 minutes on a good day, so respect to this guy. Kazi’s sleepily melodic production is a throwback to the scratch-heavy, boom-bap sound of the 90’s, and provides the perfect backdrop without sounding dated. A strong showing overall.

Listen to the rest of this album: https://belowsystem.bandcamp.com/album/keys-2-kazi

Listen to more from Kazi: https://kazi.bandcamp.com/

More from this label: https://belowsystem.bandcamp.com/

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