Daily Discovery-Memory Music-Fabric of Memory

This morning’s find comes from the new album Emergence by the Brooklyn, NY collective Memory Music. Drawing just as heavily from the drifting textures of ambient as it does from John Coltrane-circa-A Love Supreme-style free jazz, the song “Fabric of Memory” is difficult to classify. I found it helpful to use the title as a key to unlock my personal understanding of the song. A bed of viola, cello, and synthesized keys acts as the backdrop of the track, fading in and out of the foreground to make room for periodic bursts of saxophone ‘n’ drum madness. The effect created mimics the hazy, stitched-together quality of a distant memory. You can picture some old person lying in his hospice bed and thinking about a parade he had seen as a wee lad, images of the marching band haphazardly breaking through the memory fog. Too late now, I realize that Old Man On His Deathbed is not the happiest image to start off a Wednesday (or any day). Oh well, at least the song is good.

Check out more from Memory Music: https://memory1.bandcamp.com/releases


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