Daily Discovery-Blossom Wash-Looking For An Answer

Today’s find, “Looking For An Answer,” is a hazy slice of bedroom pop from the Rico, Colorado duo Blossom Wash off their new release Washed (Waffle Press Records). The track is led by jaunty piano chords that sound as though they’re coming straight out of a saloon scene from the first movie to ever feature audio. The grainy keys are complimented by slide guitar flourishes and swooning, reverb-laden vocal harmonies. A tambourine moseys into the picture during the closing instrumental passage, and it’s incredible how much the small addition opens the track up and fleshes out its sound; it’s a small yet satisfying moment of sleepy catharsis. It’s like the ghost of a classic rock song has come back to haunt us with wistful echoes of times past. Recommended for fans of Tame Impala, Youth Lagoon, and other artists of that nature.

Listen to the rest of Washed: https://wafflepressrecords.bandcamp.com/album/washed

Check out Waffle Pressed Records: https://wafflepressrecords.bandcamp.com/


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