Daily Listen-Jimi Hendrix Experience-Rainy Day, Dream Away

This one is another sort-of cheapie, since most everyone has heard a song by Jimi Hendrix at some point. It’s appropriate today, though, since–surprise, surprise–it’s raining in Pittsburgh! The forecast for the better part of the next week calls for rain, so this song is helping me get mentally prepared for the damp and dreary weather. Sonically, this one is about as 60’s as it gets; an organ bounces along with some conga drums while Freddie Smith’s saxophone battles Hendrix’s guitar, and Jimi exhorts the listener to “Sit back and groove on a rainy day” because “We’ll get into something real nice.” Far out, man. There is, of course, incredible wah-wah guitar soloing; what else could one expect from the legend himself? Unfortunately, I won’t be able to sit back and groove on many of the upcoming rainy days. Instead, I’ll be one of the “wet creatures […] on the run” from my apartment to my place of work. Maybe it won’t be so bad if I listen to Hendrix the whole time; we’ll see.

Listen to more Jimi Hendrix: You don’t need any help finding his other stuff

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