Daily Listen-The Clash-Brand New Cadillac

Today’s song is kind of a cheapie, since it’s a classic song off a classic album (1979’s London Calling) by a classic punk band. Doesn’t take away from the greatness of “Brand New Cadillac.” Singer Joe Strummer really hams it up on this one, gasping out, “Baby, baby,” like a grimy, working class Londonian Elvis Presley during the chorus. It’s a great vocal performance full of character and just the right balance of biting humor and heartbreak. Poor Joe; I’d probably sound just as raggedy if my girlfriend drove up to me in a brand new Cadillac and greeted me with a “Balls to you, Big Daddy […] I ain’t never coming back.” The song also features fiery lead guitar riffs and a “SHRED IT BRAH” solo from Mick Jones. Just a fun listen overall, it made me want to air guitar my whole way to work this morning.

Listen to more by The Clash: Just look them up, everyone knows this band

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