Daily Listen-Jlin-Holy Child

Jlin, a producer hailing from Gary, IN, does not make music for easy listening. No, her music is what you put on when you want to chug 10 cups of coffee and flail around in a dark room by yourself (not something I do regularly, if at all, but you get the idea.) Her creations, influenced by the manic energy of the Chicago footwork music/dance scene, are almost entirely rhythmic, punishingly intricate, and crackle with primal life force. On “Holy Child,” from her 2017 album Black Origami (Planet Mu), Jlin takes a sample of Baltic folk singers (which was apparently introduced to her by avant-garde composer William Basinski) and runs with it, mangling the human voice into almost unrecognizable forms. In several recurring passages (the word “hook” doesn’t really apply), she clips the sample so short and loops it so rapidly that it basically becomes an air-raid siren. Some eerie, melodic passages remain intact, albeit still manipulated, giving the track the feel of some insane religious hymnal. Top it off with bass that you don’t so much hear as feel on the inside of your ears, and you’ve got yourself an intense 4 minutes. I’ve listened to this song like 6 times on repeat while writing this, and my neighbors probably think I’ve lost it at this point, so I should stop. Check out the song and album, though.

Listen to more Jlin: https://jlin.bandcamp.com/

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