Daily Listen-Mojave 3-Running With Your Eyes Closed

I’m currently in a foul mood after watching the Philadelphia Phillies (my favorite baseball team, unfortunately) get utterly trounced by the hated New York Mets. As such, I don’t feel much like bloviating about the nuances of a certain song. However, I did listen to “Running With Your Eyes Closed” by the British band Mojave 3 earlier today, and enjoyed it. I think other people may enjoy it, too. Guitarist/vocalist Neil Halstead, bassist/vocalist Rachel Goswell, and drummer Ian McCutcheon formed the country-tinged Mojave 3 after their previous band, the shoegazing Slowdive, was unfairly chewed up and spit out by the vultures otherwise known as the mid-90’s British music press and then dropped from its record label. “Running With Your Eyes Closed,” like many of the songs on 2006’s Puzzles Like You (4AD), draws on the sounds of classic sunshiney pop groups like The Monkees, delivering hooks straight to the brain’s pleasure centers. Easy to listen to, and lifted my mood slightly upon listening again, despite the absolutely horrendous play of my favorite terrible baseball team.

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