Daily Discovery–L-space–[Work] A Small Man Waits While The Rain Sizzles On The Tarp

Today’s find, by the Scottish dream pop band L-space, has a real mouthful of a title, as do many of the songs on the band’s newly-released Music For Megastructures (Last Night From Glasgow). I wouldn’t be surprised if the name of the album is a nod to Brian Eno’s 1978 classic Ambient 1: Music For Airports, as the band tags this one with the phrase, “A score for a city that does not exist yet.” Just as Eno meant his album to be played at airports to diffuse the sense of harried dread that hangs over unfortunate souls trapped within, L-space has given us this album to listen to while imagining a melancholy, neon future. Tracks are divided into categories–Transport, Work, Health, Life–so all bases are pretty much covered. “[Work] A Small Man Waits While The Rain Sizzles On The Tarp” is led by a sprightly, arpeggiated synth line, which begins as a slow drip while 8-bit storm clouds gather and swell behind it, until, about a minute in, it shifts into double-timed high gear and speeds up, twinkling like rain illuminated by hovercraft headlights. The track’s title hints at ecological disaster and potential human deformation, casting the seemingly-benign music in a more menacing light. Just want to highlight some of the other titles on Music For Megastructures, because they’re truly awesome: “[Work] A Sleepy Robot Watches Over A Rarely-Used Car Park,” “[Health] Browsing The Latest Pharmaceuticals At The Hospital Drive-Thru,” “[Life] Gambling In Virtual Reality With Real Life Consequences”…you get the idea. I like this album because the music is interesting, but the titles really give it a sense of purpose and personality. Recommended for fans of retro science fiction, normal science fiction, video game music, 80’s synthesizers, and the Stranger Things theme song.

Check out more from L-space: https://l-space.bandcamp.com/

Check out more from this label (it’s a crowdfunded, not-for-profit venture, which is cool): http://www.lastnightfromglasgow.com/

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