Daily Listen-Ava Luna-PRPL

Today’s listen is “PRPL” from the 2014 album Electric Balloon (Western Vinyl) by the Brooklyn, NY band Ava Luna. This band is difficult to characterize; the best word that I can use to describe them is “eccentric.” With a sound that is a mishmash of several difficult musical styles, some of the songs on this album seem like their parts were recorded separately and them haphazardly slapped together using the sonic equivalent of duct tape. This is in no way a bad thing; one day I’m going to do a write-up of the whole album because it’s so fascinating. “PRPL” is my (current) favorite from Electric Balloon; it’s a bit more mellow than some of the other songs on there, a slow-burner sung by keyboardist Felicia Douglass as opposed to Ava Luna’s usual singer, guitarist Carlos Hernandez (also great.) I have no clue what the lyrics mean, but the song sounds great. Recommended for really anyone, since, once again, I can’t compare this band to anyone else except for sometimes the Talking Heads. So I guess recommended for fans of the Talking Heads? We’ll just go with that.

Listen to more Ava Luna: https://avaluna.bandcamp.com/

Listen to more music from this label: https://westernvinyl.bandcamp.com/

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