Daily Discovery-Teotima-But I Can’t

Today’s find is the newly released “But I Can’t” by the London-based jazz ensemble Teotima, which will be included on their upcoming release Weightless (First World Records.) I’ll preface this post by admitting that, while I like listening to jazz, I don’t have the necessary expertise or lingo to write about it with any sort of authority. Basically, this song sounds nice, and it’s got some brass instruments played by people, who seem to know what they’re doing. Structured around an intricate drum pattern courtesy of Ben Assiter and funky guitar stabs from bandleader (I think) Greg Sanders, the song features saxophone/trombone/trumpet/something similar fills and flourishes along with the silky vocals of Ellie Rose Rusbridge, a London artist who also has a solo career worth checking out. For such a laid-back song, it has a strong underlying groove, and should appeal to people whose musical tastes range from Norah Jones to Weather Report. Jazz is good!

Listen to more stuff by Teotima: https://teotimaensemble.bandcamp.com/

Listen to more Ellie Rose Rusbridge: https://ellierose.bandcamp.com/

Discover more from First World Records: https://shop.firstwordrecords.com/

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