Daily Listen-Lotus-Colorado

Today’s listen is Lotus’s song “Colorado,” off the 2004 album Nomad (Harmonized Records). Lotus is a Philadelphia-based jam band that was revered at my high school in Berwyn, about 40 minutes outside the City of Brotherly Love. For whatever reason, there was a subset of kids (usually the ones who would wear baja sweaters and hacky sack in the courtyard at all hours) who lived and breathed everything Lotus. Despite not being part of that sect, my friends and I were caught up in the undertow, and I’ve seen Lotus twice at the Electric Factory, now known as the Franklin Music Hall. They were about as good as a jam band can be; there were a lot of extended guitar and drum solos and much noodling on various instruments. That’s not a criticism; I actually enjoyed both concerts, and I think Lotus is one of the better jam bands out there. I like “Colorado” because it’s different from their other songs; it sounds like a mellower, blissed-out version of Explosions in the Sky-style post rock. It’s not a groundbreaking or revolutionary song, but I enjoyed listening to it while walking home today in the rain after ducking out of work early. Time to go hacky sack and burn incense on a mountain somewhere.

Listen to more Lotus: https://lotusvibes.bandcamp.com/


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