Daily Listen-Hudson Taylor-Holly

Today’s listen is the song “Holly” from the 2015 album Singing For Strangers (Polydor) by Dublin, Ireland folky duo Hudson Taylor. Brothers Harry and Alfie Hudson-Taylor started off by busking in the streets of Dublin, eventually making it big in the UK and being signed to a major label. I was introduced to this song by one of my flatmates (shout out to Mike’s good taste in music) while studying abroad in London in 2015; he’d always blast it in our shared kitchen while we sat around playing cards and drinking cheap beer. One night in Barcelona, I really had the urge to listen to “Holly,” but couldn’t remember what it was called (or the majority of the lyrics), so I spent an hour sitting in my hostel on Google in place of being out Barcelona-ing. I did end up finding it, luckily, and managed to Barcelona to my heart’s content afterward. The song is a pretty straightforward acoustic ballad, but is elevated by the Hudson-Taylor brothers’ harmonies and intricately fingerpicked guitar work. The result, thankfully, comes closer to Simon and Garfunkel than it does to Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, etc. Never fails to get me in the nostalgia zone.

Listen to more Hudson Taylor on Bandcamp: https://hudsontaylor.bandcamp.com/

or Souncloud: https://soundcloud.com/hudsontaylormusic

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