Daily Discovery-Fizztouch-Infinite Blues

Today’s find is the song “Infinite Blues,” a slab of distorted, slightly shoegazey pop from the new, aptly-titled debut, Release an EP, Man by the New York trio Fizztouch. One of the things I like about this song is its homemade, DIY feel; frontman Matt Davis’s voice wavers slightly out of key at several points, and isn’t totally synced up with backup singer Gigi Hernandez. These imperfections have a positive effect on the song, as Davis’s everyman voice anchors the listener’s ear within the rippling walls of guitar and synthesizer. The lyrics are woozy and melancholy, and wouldn’t sound out of place on a Kurt Vile record. I really identified with this one today; I went out to trivia last night at the dive bar down the street and lost badly. My exhaustion from staying up too late was compounded by my utter humiliation at the hands of surprisingly knowledgable college bros, and I certainly had the infinite blues sitting in my office at work all day. Thanks, Fizztouch, for speaking to me in my time of need.

Listen to more Fizztouch: https://fizztouch.bandcamp.com/

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