Daily Discovery-Case Sensitive-Count Your Blessings

Today’s find, “Count Your Blessings,” can be found on the new Twin EP (Bull City Records) by the Raleigh/Chapel Hill/Atlanta 3-piece rock group Case Sensitive. The album is strong as a whole, featuring songs that range from quiet, string-laden ballads to menacing, distorted numbers, but I wanted to highlight “Count Your Blessings” because I think it has the broadest appeal. Cavernously reverbed guitars shimmer and hang in the air during the restrained verse, building in intensity until the group absolutely rips into a skyscraping, anthemic chorus, one of the best pure pop moments in any song I’ve heard in a while. The first time I heard the chorus kick in, I nearly ran down the street to CVS so that I could buy a lighter, run back, and wave it in the air while swaying around my apartment. My crippling social anxiety stopped me, but a bolder person may be inclined to actually do that upon hearing “Count Your Blessings” for the first time. Bassist and frontwoman Sierra Shell is a great singer, with a lilting voice that gains a gritty, country-ish edge at moments of raised volume and intensity; it is the perfect instrument to deliver the song’s triumphant/melancholy/ambivalent lyrics. In a way, this one reminds me of some of the classic power ballads by Switchfoot, Oasis, Third Eye Blind, but (obviously) more interesting. Already listened to it like six times today and still not sick of it.

Listen to more music from Case Sensitive: https://casesensitivenc.bandcamp.com/

Listen to more music on this label: https://bullcityrecordspresents.bandcamp.com/

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