Daily Listen-Mercury Rev-Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp

Today’s listen, “Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp,” is the closing track from Mercury Rev’s classic 1998 album Deserter’s Songs (V2 Records.) It was cold and drizzling in Pittsburgh this morning after a day of 78 degree sun yesterday. I stayed up too late last night watching the movie Deliverance; the resulting lack of sleep made me feel even worse than the movie did, which is saying something. I was in a sour mood on the walk to work until this song came on shuffle; the second I heard its bouncing harpsichord introduction, I perked up a bit. The escapist lyrics made me think back to the first time I listened to this album, driving through the lakeside back roads of coastal Maine last summer. The rush of “Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp” acts as a more upbeat outro to the slightly haunted Deserter’s Songs, but it served me well as an intro to the work week.

Side note: if I were Coldplay, I would’ve lawyered up (which I’m sure they had already done because they’re incredibly rich and successful) before releasing the song “Lovers in Japan” in 2008, because its piano motif sounds exactly like the harpsichord on this track. Give them a side by side listen if you care to.

Check out Mercury Rev’s music on Bandcamp: https://mercuryrev.bandcamp.com/

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