Daily Discovery-Andy Hull and Robert McDowell-Montage

Last night, I watched the Daniel Kwan- and Daniel Scheinert-directed Swiss Army Man, truly one of the strangest movies I’ve ever seen. It tells the story of a suicidal man stranded in the wilderness (portrayed by the forever-downcast Paul Dano) who happens upon a drowned corpse (a pale Daniel Radcliffe) and ends up both using the body like a swiss army knife and developing a friendship with it. Viewers get to witness Radcliffe propel himself through the water using his forceful flatulence while Dano rides his back like a jet ski, use his stiff dead guy arms to chop wood, light fires with his farts (there is a lot of farting, truly giving new meaning to the phrase “artsy-fartsy”), and more. It’s downright bizarre. The soundtrack, provided by Andy Hull and Robert McDowell of the Atlanta, GA band Manchester Orchestra, in the spirit of the movie, is made entirely of sounds produced by the human body; there are no instruments. The song “Montage” is both ecstatic and hilarious; built around rapid handclaps and the repeated sung phrase “Pop popcorn,” it describes the handy ways in which Radcliffe’s corpse is being used in a–you guessed it–montage. “Now we killed a raccoon/We are using your body like it’s a machine gun/Now we are shooting some fish/Our friendship is blossoming.” It’s goofy and kind of heartwarming at the same time. I’d recommend watching the movie to get the full effect.

Listen to the rest of the Swiss Army Man Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Lakeshore Records): https://open.spotify.com/album/0N7JnJmKC0K8CIDdZSC3w3

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