Daily Discovery-Omni Optometrist-(Em)brace Yourself

Today’s find, “(Em)brace Yourself,” is an instrumental off The Homerun Pedestrian, the new release from Reading, PA’s Omni Optometrist. A solo, self-produced project courtesy of multi-instrumentalist Mitch Protheroe, Omni Optometrist blends light keyboards, bass, brass, and lively, elaborate drum fills to create a sound halfway between jazz and post-rock. Sounds a little like the band Tortoise, for those familiar. I’m on the way out the door to State College for the weekend, and needed to find something quickly, so I searched the Bandcamp front page for the most intriguing album art, which happened to belong to Omni Optometrist. It’s sunny outside, I’m in a good mood, about to head to Record Store Day on the way to State College, and this song mirrors the positive feelings. Not much more to say than that; it’s good stuff.

Listen to more Omni Optometrist: https://omnioptometrist.bandcamp.com/

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