Daily Listen-Moby-Shot in the Back of the Head

People usually know Moby as that bald techno dude from the 90s, and it’s true that his 1999 album Play is his most commercially successful work. Today, I’m spotlighting the song “Shot in the Back of the Head” from his 2009 album Wait For Me (Little Idiot-Mute). I remember when this song was released as Wait For Me‘s first single; I was 14 and had a vague idea of who Moby was (see: “that bald techno dude from the 90s”), but at that point I wasn’t interested in any genre outside of Sensitive White Dudes With Guitars. The song popped up on the front page of the iTunes store, however, so I gave it a preview and was immediately struck by the grainy, reversed guitar riff that opens the song and features prominently throughout. Something about it struck me as incredibly sad and evocative, just like the song itself, which eventually builds to a crescendo of airy slide guitar licks that sound like the cries of a really lonely animal. It’s a delicate song, which you wouldn’t guess from its violent title. When I listened to “Shot in the Back of the Head” on my way to work this morning, my mundane surroundings seemed imbued with a slight sense of melancholy. Plus, the song comes with a stark, animated music video by the great David Lynch, which really contributes to the peppy atmosphere. The perfect soundtrack for sighing while watching rain fall through a second story window, or some similar activity.

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