Daily Discovery-Jan Jelinek-Them, Their

Today’s song can be found on German electronic musician Jan Jelinek’s album Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records (2001, ~scape, re-release 2017, Faitiche). I had never heard of Jelinek before today, but happened upon a review of the new album Signals Bulletin that he just released with Japanese organist Asuna and decided to look him up. “Them, Their” is an exercise in minimalism, with a constant glassy synthesizer drone acting as a background for layers of bubbling, clicking percussion. The effect produced is that of a still body of water being disturbed by raindrops, swarming insects, and small fish surfacing and diving back down. As usual, listened to this one while drinking coffee, and I think it helped lower my heart rate, which had been brutally jacked up by the caffeine. Recommended if you have a playlist called “Chill Study Mix” or “Zen Meditation Ambient Chill” or something similar.

Listen to more music by Jan Jelinek: https://janjelinek.bandcamp.com/

Listen to more music from this label: https://faitiche.bandcamp.com/

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