Daily Discovery–Shana Cleveland-Face of the Sun

“Face of the Sun” is a track I came across this morning off the newly-released album Night of the Worm Moon (Hardly Art) by Shana Cleveland, also known as the frontwoman of the LA surf-rock band La Luz. The song’s gently jangling, hazy atmosphere, complete with weeping slide guitar flourishes, conjures neo-noir images of junkies and burnouts ambling along the Sunset Strip. It’s mellow, yet slightly unsettling; I enjoyed listening to it while drinking my coffee and watching the sun come up through my window, but it made me feel like I’m about to be in a Cohen Brothers movie or a piece of Hunter S Thomas Pynchon fan fiction.

Check out Shana Cleveland’s music here: https://shanacleveland.bandcamp.com/

Check out other artists on this label here: https://www.hardlyart.com/

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